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Finally, a quality trap that is durable and reusable... Much better than most others available.

John Martin

The quality and ingenuity that is built into the Advanced Trap Products puts them at the very top in this market!

Rick Headley

These traps are awesome. Real easy to set and very durable.

Tom Luipersbeck

I have been running two types of Advanced Traps since I started my Business at Eco Wildlife Solutions, LLC. These traps are one of the most professional traps that I have ever used. They do infact increase your catch ration by as much as 40 percent by not having a pan for the animal to step over.

Chris Sims

We bought 12 of them last spring and they are working great with no problems at all, we use them on about every job that we can and in some cases there the only ones we can use. Great product and would highly recommend them to any one that is looking for a trap.

Matthew Helms

We keep the Advanced double door handy for work on raccoon and groundhogs. We really like the function and durability!

Michael Buchanan